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  • Akbar, Husna; Afghan, Syeda Adila; Jokhio, Sana Hoor; Jokhio, Imran Ali (DUPress Debrecen , 2018-05-14)
    The demand of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is on the raise due to its potential applications. The data transmission occurs via a wireless link by the sensor node in network hence these nodes are vulnerable to ...
  • Bano, Shahzadi; Afghan, Syeda Adila; Jokhio, Sana Hoor; Talpur, Shahnawaz; Jokhio, Imran Ali (DUPress Debrecen , 2018-05-09)
    Sensor applications and wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are becoming a part of our everyday life. A number of network arrangements are used in WSN. In this paper, we focus on the cluster based network to help identify the ...
  • Ismeretlen szerző (Kossuth Lajos Tudományegyetem Debrecen , 2018)
  • Khuwaja, Komal; Tarca, Ioan Constantin; Lighari, Noor-u-Zaman; Tarca, Radu Catalin (DUPress Debrecen , 2018-04-06)
    This paper is focused on the dynamic of mathematical modeling, stability, nonlinear gain control by using Genetic algorithm, utilizing MATLAB tool of a quadcopter. Previously many researchers have been work on several ...
  • Nasser, Aram; Szemes, Péter Tamás (DUPress Debrecen , 2018-04-16)
    this paper presents the speed control of a three-phase induction motor using the scalar control method with PID controller. The system maintains a constant volt to frequency ratio for any change in the load. We also used ...