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  • Qin, Tianyi
    With the gradual progress of science and technology, China's banking industry has also developed rapidly. This paper analyses the problems and challenges as well as the advantages of digitisation for Chinese commercial banks.
  • Mougoue, Armand Roger
    My thesis is about a business strategy for an existing company. Firstly, I present the effect of the strategic plan in a company. I chose the Nigerian Bottling company in my research In this regard, I used SWOT analysis ...
  • Le, Anh Vo Phuong
    “Corporate strategic planning for Vinfast” is an analysis to gain an understanding of Vinfast and develop a strategic plan for the company. The research is about the introduction to Vingroup and its subcompany Vinfast as ...
  • Amarsanaa, Munkh-Uchral
    This thesis aims to explore the impact of gender roles on leadership in a business environment. Gender stereotyping is a common issue and it manifests itself in the daily aspects of life including the workplace. In this ...
  • Soliman, Hazem Mohamed Ahmed Abdellatif
    This thesis was aimed to evaluate the behaviour of consumers in the food industry. It contains a study that was conducted regarding how people behave in regards to cooking food and ordering it from restaurants or fast-food ...

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