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  • Rhirhay, Meryem
    Education is considered to be the core of life and plays the role of the mentor who can guide you to your future. My research question relies on my curiosity whether if there is space for other system private institutions ...
  • Zhu, Yanlin
    This paper is trying to build a framework for business strategy deployment based on the current literature knowledge and research of strategy, aims to identify the variables of strategy, the dominates in all of these ...
  • Baghirzade, Narmin
    The welfare state is a governing system where a state plays an important role, in order to provide economic prosperity, security to its citizens, based on the concept of equality. Citizens enjoy benefits from welfare ...
  • Yıldırım, Volkan
    The report's aim is to analyze the impact of social media on consumers' purchasing decision by demonstrating the result of the online survey method
  • Krasniqi, Arbenita
    This thesis topic is Role of Women in Agriculture with a case study of the Republic of Kosovo. Having a point of view over the women position in the workforce worldwide by including their role within the family, education, ...