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    Ismeretlen szerző (Debreceni Egyetem Debrecen , )
    Applied Studies publishes high quality contributions on topics related to Agribusiness and Commerce and provides managers, researchers and teachers with a forum, where they can publish and acquire research results, case ...
  • Fink, Nándor; Pammer, Dávid; Barsi, Árpád; Kiss, Rita M. (DUPress Debrecen , 2017-01-23)
    3D printing, as a rapid prototyping method is become more common nowadays world widely, including medicine too. The purpose of this article is to reveal the potential of using 3D printing in medicine, especially with a ...
  • Abouzaid, Wessam M. F.; Sallam, Elsayed. A. (DUPress Debrecen , 2017-01-03)
    Several neural network controllers for robotic manipulators have been developed during the last decades due to their capability to learn the dynamic properties and the improvements in the global stability of the system. ...
  • Petró, Bálint; Kiss, Rita M. (DUPress Debrecen , 2016-12-15)
    The use of a free oscillating platform for balance training is widespread. However, there is a lack of variables used when analyzing these measurement results. The aim of this study was to introduce and evaluate a new ...
  • Kozma, Tamás; Tőzsér, Zoltán ( , 2016-07)