The Economy of independent Ukraine: factors that shaped post-1991 Ukranian economy and their influence on the Ukraine-EU relations

Bilyk, Kateryna
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This thesis analyzes the factors, which shaped the Ukrainian economy after 1991 and then exhibits the influence of these factors on current relations between EU and Ukraine. This topic is of high interest and significance nowadays, as far as the geopolitical location of Ukraine makes it a vital security and stability factor for EU. Furthermore, Ukraine is the largest country in Eastern Europe with a population of 44 million people. Consequently, it is crucial to analyze what is happening to these people and to determine the prospects of their country’s further fate. The principal goal of this work is to demonstrate that dramatic and complex transformations are happening now in the country regarding 1) stabilizing its territorial frontiers, and 2) undergoing a coherent reform process to become a democratic and developed state.
Ukraine, European Union, Economics