Investigation of Design Factors of Drive Systems for Hydraulic Pumps

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This thesis, titled "Investigation of Design Factors of Drive Systems for Hydraulic Pumps," systematically addresses critical aspects influencing hydraulic pump system functionality and design. The study focuses on four main objectives. Firstly, it comprehensively examines the fundamental components and design features of hydraulic pumps, laying a crucial foundation for subsequent analysis. Next, precise calculations determine the optimal drive system, emphasizing compatibility, efficiency, and reliability. The research progresses to creating a detailed Computer-Aided Design (CAD) model, enhancing spatial understanding and serving as a platform for further optimization. The final objective emphasizes constructing the pump system's base frame, involving meticulous analysis of material, structure, and alignment for longevity and suitability. The insights gained contribute to advancing hydraulic technology, ultimately enhancing fluid power systems' effectiveness and durability.

base frame, hydraulic pump