Synthesis and solvatochromic investigation of 1,4-Di isocyanonaphthalene

Umar, Mohammed Bello
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In the course work a fluorophore 1,4-Diisocyanonaphthalene (white precious stones) wassynthesized by the applied chemistry department of the university, to be studied and analyzed tosee what sort of fluorescence effect it has when various solvents are used. The structureverification and the purity of the detached products were proven by the 1H-NMR and the 13C-NMR spectroscopy.After the structural analysis was carried out, then the optical properties of the sample wasanalyzed by utilizing the UV-Vis and Fluorescent spectroscopy. During the UV-Vismeasurements various solvents with different concentrations were analyzed to determine themolar absorbance. From the UV-Vis measurements the excitation wavelengths and the extinctioncoefficients were determined. For the fluorescent spectroscopy method the fluorometer was usedto record the emission and excitation spectrums.
Chemistry, Fluorescence, Excitation, Emission