Identifying diesel compounds using Kovat's index

El Hussein, Yousef
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Diesel is a liquid fuel that is specifically designed for diesel engines that work on compression of inlet air to ignite the fuel. It is a very complex mixture that can vary between C₉ and C₂₅. Identification of these compounds was done using GC-MS.However, as that wasn't enough, extra step was used to verify the compound proposed by the MS, which in my case was using the Kovats Index. Kovats Index is a physical characterstic of the compound that solely depends on it's retention time. Visualizations of the results were done using graphs, and many homologous series were identified which helped me have a better overview about all the 6 samples that have been analyzed.The results were accurate and were almost always within the required range to verify the compound. After verification of one homologous group in one of the samples, the same group can be found in the rest of the samples which saves a lot of time.
Analysis, identifcation, Fuels, GC-MS