Evaluation of Routing mechanisms in Wireless sensor networks

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Wireless sensor networks is a big and important field of study,like any other technology it has a lot of issues, and faces a lot of challenges. One of the methods to handle these issues is to choose a good routing protocol, in this research we studied two of these protocols. The first protocol is low energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH) we observed the behavior of this protocol in details and suggusted three main inhansments, probability is the first factor when we increased it with 0.1 and regester the results, also the iiatial energy and the transmit & recive energy. The second protocol was Threshold-Sensitive energy efficient senson network protocol (TEEN), also a close ovservation and three enhansments suggustions. probability and the initial energy like the LEACH protocol and a third one which is the hard and the soft theresholds which are used in this protocol not in the other.

Routing, LEACH, TEEN, Wireless sensor networks