Content based recommendation system & android application

Thakur, Devansh
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Rising of the recommendation systems has come into markets which gives the suggestions to users. A recommendation system is a type of information filtering system that attempts to forecast a user need or we can say preference for an item. Although every application serves a unique function, not every application can be tailored to a specific context of usage., I will try to investigate and build a recommendation system for the movies also i have another objective is to build a full-fledged android based mobile application through which users can try our recommendation system most probably i will use a Content-Based recommender system which one of the most popular types of recommendation system. Content-based filtering aims to calculate a user's characteristics or behavior based on the features of an item to which the user responds positively and need to have huge dataset. A content-based recommender system generates recommendations based on the metadata of objects or people. based on the user search or if we have a history of previously watched movies. My objective is to make a working application with the recommender system integrated together. if I will not be able to succeed in running ML model in android phone itself then I will make a Backend for the recommender system
Recommender system, Android, Machine Learning