Virtual Family House Irrigation System Controlled by PLC

Aksoy, Fahri Tunahan
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I was able to clarify the given partial problems in the thesis problem depiction. I formed and depicted virtual family house irrigation system controlled by PLC. Creation of virtualizing family house irrigation system and framework, legitimate IO list, electrical schema, selecting electrical devices was finished. Likewise, I chose the appropriated PLC and extension modules to accommodate the 27 DIs and 19 DOs required for relating issue clarification. I performed the following steps to provide examples for such systems on this thesis: I composed the requirements for selected PLC issue. The control program was produced utilizing the CoDeSys programming platform. In CoDeSys, I utilized programming languages LD for program realization. The program was brought into the point of view, utilizing the CoDeSys visualization. I designed the visualization and allocated the suitable variables to them.
Irrigation System, PLC