Lightweight multi-agent framework for a cluster-based wireless sensor network

Bano, Shahzadi
Afghan, Syeda A.
Jokhio , Sana H.
Talpur, Shahnawaz
Jokhio, Imran A.
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Sensor applications and wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are becoming a part of our everyday life. A number of network arrangements are used in WSN. In this paper, we focus on the cluster based network to help identify the issues associated with communication within such networks. We present a lightweight multi-agent routing framework for a cluster based WSN to resolve some issues associated with such networks. By using state- of-art protocol in a unique combination and categorizing cluster layers, we take full advantage of the properties of the selected protocols. The simulation results illustrate that the proposed method is light-weight in terms of energy consumption by the sensor nodes communicating information within a cluster based network. Nevertheless, high network throughput and robust data communication are also achieved.
WSN, cluster based routing, light-weight