NDE and diagnostics of an industrial printer

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Even though I started my research for my thesis in November 2022, my experience with industrial printers goes much further than that. I have been working on a maintenance team of an industrial printer since June 2022. I am aware of the typical failures and the maintenance procedure of industrial printers. When I was looking for a supervisor for my thesis, Mr Balogh Gabor helped me to utilize my knowledge and experience to the fullest by helping me specify my thesis topic on Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 74. I would like to thank him for helping me on my journey and keeping me excited for my thesis. As I started my research for my thesis, I feel more comfortable working on industrial printers, and I feel much more savant. Although I am very excited to write about diagnostics of industrial printers, I will try to express my words as plainly as possible. I hope this thesis will be able to give readers wisdom about industrial printers, diagnostics equipment, and their utilization. My aim is to determine the condition of the bearings which are providing the smooth rotational movement for the ink rollers. I will also explain printing technologies and SPM method. By the end of this project, we will know the condition of the bearings and the further action about these bearings.

Industrial printer, NDE, Maintenace, Preventetive maintenance, SPM method