Windows 11 new features

Sakr, Ahmed Khairy Ibrahem Saleem
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Microsoft is one of the leading companies in the technology market. Their products like operating systems, office, etc., are backed up by decades of experience and a wide variety of services meant to increase productivity and usability. From collaboration tools and cloud services to valuable apps and programs, and even gaming and worth hardware, the technology giant constantly pursues to present a comprehensive and fulfilling computing experience. Unquestionably, one of Microsoft’s greatest assets is its operating system, Windows. If Windows 95, 98, and NT were only the initial strolls, Windows XP, as well as Windows Vista, got quite to approach in terms of layout, usability, and practicability. This progression remained with Windows 8 and 8.1. They were humble achievements at best. Generally, the most significant enhancement arrived with the introduction of Windows 10 in 2014 from click to touch. From the age of dull black and white to the vibrant and slick user interface, many improvements and millstones have been created for an easy user interface that makes the Windows the choice of the world. Microsoft unveiled its newest operating system on June 24, 2021, Windows 11—almost six years after Windows 10 debuted. Windows 11 will offer several updates and fresh features, including a more straightforward design intended to increase productivity, ease of use and creativity, ways to connect to people faster, better PC gaming experiences, faster ways to get the information you need, an all-new Microsoft Store, and a more open ecosystem that unlocks new opportunities for developers and other creators. The accountability of scheming for that countless societies is one we do not take lightly. The past eighteen months transported an unbelievable shift in how we used our computers; we went from appropriate the computer in our lives to trying to appropriate our entire lives to the PC. Our machines were not just where we went for meetings, classes, and to get things done, but where we came to play games with groups, binge watches our favorite shows, and, possibly most expressively, connect with one another. In the procedure, we originate ourselves re-forming the office teasing, the hallway conversation, workouts, and holiday festivities – digitally. What was so influential was the move in the computer we saw and touched – from something real-world and valuable to particular and expressive. This is what stimulated Microsoft to build the next generation of Windows. To build users a place that feels acquainted, where they can create, learn, play, and most outstandingly, connect in all-new ways. The current research work is about the latest Windows 11, what are the new attractions added to this flavor how does the user respond to this for this the author had designed a set of questionnaires to have the viewpoint on Windows 11.
Windows11, new features, multitasking, widgets, Windows 11 VS MacOS, Azure, Windows 11 VS Windows 10