Quality of Life of International Students in Hungary

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The study was conducted to investigate the quality of life of international students in Hungary. The focus area of investigation where on the satisfaction levels of these students with their, physical health, psychological well-being, social relationships, connections and network, environment and financial status. The applied research method was quantitative. The Snow Ball Sampling Technique was utilized for data collection. The use of SPSS and LIKERT, in analysing the data was efficient and produced effective results. The data was gathered from 200 respondents (i.e. international students), from the University of Debrecen. This university was chosen for this study because it holds the highest number of international students in the country and data gathered from the students will represent the entirety of the student population, in this study. The results from the study based from 1-5(1, being the lowest point and 5 the highest), in terms of level of satisfaction showed that the students are Satisfied (i.e. Level 4.); with their physical health, psychological well-being, environmental conditions as well. On the other hand, the results showed that the students are averagely satisfied (i.e. Level 3.); with their social network, connections and relationships, they also registered average satisfaction with their financial status. These results then put forth the notion that students are satisfied with their quality of life as international students in Hungary.

International Students, Quality of Life, Hungary, Level of Satisfaction, Physical health, Psychological Well-being, Social, Environmental, Financial