Health monitoring of Electric Vehicle

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This work investigates critical aspects of lithium-ion battery technology in electric vehicles (EVs), focusing on thermal management and novel charging solutions. Electric Vehicle market getting popular day by day; Countries as China, Germany, and USA. The parts difference, as AC/DC converter and engine, etc. Lithium-ion batteries offer high energy density but require precise temperature control for optimal performance and safety. The study explores various thermal management methods, including air cooling, liquid cooling, and phase change material systems. Simulation scenarios, such as nail penetration-induced damage, are analyzed, and an integrated cooling system is proposed for monitoring temperature profiles. The main problem now days is charging station numbers. To increase the number of car that charging in one moment, proposed charging method by Tesla’s coil and Tesla’s car bases. A SWOT analysis evaluates the coil charger, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats. Practical solutions and models from existing studies contribute valuable insights into the field. The findings underscore the importance of effective thermal management for lithium-ion batteries and propose a forward-looking charging solution to address the growing demands of the electric vehicle industry. Further research and development are recommended for the successful implementation of these advancements.

Electrical Vehicle, electric motor, charging