Biological values of processed green biomass from different vegetable species

Domingos, Geraldo Jorge
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One of the aspects of sustainable agriculture is related to green biomass recycling. During fresh vegetable production, significant amount of green biomass waste is generated which may contain useful chemicals, heath-beneficial components. The aim of present work was to increase the value of the neglected green biomass fraction of vegetable crops comparing two different processing methods. The involved plant species are broccoli, horse radish, brussels sprout and wheat sprouts. Our results showed that leaf protein concentrate from wheat sprout had the highest protein content.Brown juice also contained low levels of soluble protein amino acids. Lactic acid coagulation was more advantageous because ~pH 4.5 brown juice did not require further processing.
Sustainability, Biomass recycling, Circular economy, Leaf protein concentrate, Brown juice, Fermentation, Lactic acid bacteria