Forearm-attachable EMG-based wireless controller

Bánfi, Tamás
Aradi, Petra
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This paper presents the development process starting from a simple electronic module for amplification of EMG signals. During development the tasks to be solved were extended towards the creation of an EMG-base controller that eventually can be connected to a PC. Among the main goals were the simplicity and low cost of production. There are similar devices commercially available, but the main focus was on the whole process of design, testing, fabrication and the exploration of application areas. It was important to use medical recommendations. The device matches the suggestion of SENIAM, except for the resolution of A/D conversion, which is permissible due to the fact that it was not designed for medical purposes. The final version is capable of detecting and amplifying EMG signals, with the appropriate filtering and digitizing procedures for further processing. With the development of wireless communication capabilities, the device which can be attached to the forearm can be used as a USB HID device with a PC. A number of additional applications are also discussed, pointing out the fact that this piece of technology offers a wide range of possibilities.
electromyography, arm movement, Arduino, STM32 microcontroller, signal processing, USB HID controller