Development of energy-efficient fans for ventilation of data centers

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The study is devoted to the current issue of developing energy-efficient fans specifically designed to ensure efficient ventilation in data centers. The first task carefully analyzes and selects the most optimal fan type to meet the stringent cooling requirements of a data center. The main attention is paid to the development of an energy-efficient axial fan model and its successful integration into a computer-aided design system. Subtopics in this section include ventilation system concept, axial fan design, and efficient fan control techniques such as impeller speed control and innovative blade adjustment techniques. An important step is the design of the blades of an energy efficient axial fan, including the influence of the shape of the blade axis on the economical operation of the fan, the selection of the blade profile and the creation of the final 3D model using Solid Edge software. Next, an aerodynamic calculation of the developed fan is carried out, including splitting into a finite element mesh, setting the air flow conditions and calculating the flow rate, followed by analysis of the results. The final task of the work are devoted to assessing the performance and estimating the cost of an energy-efficient axial fan. Evaluating performance includes improving the design, using innovative control technologies and selecting the optimal material. The study ends with the calculation of the payback period, providing an integrated approach to development and a comprehensive assessment of the performance of this important component of the data center ventilation system.

Energy efficiency, Fan, Ventilation, Data center