Managing risks in the IoMT ecosystem: A framework for evaluating and mitigating threats to connected medical devices and healthcare networks

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In my thesis, I delved into the realm of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). Beginning with defining IoMT systems, I presented their fundamental properties, emphasizing the interplay between medical devices and healthcare networks. After that, I introduced the main system security requirements that can ensure patient data safety. By exploring the STRIDE model, it was possible to showcase a threat model that can help identify threats menacing these systems. Subsequently, I explained the vulnerabilities and risks within the IoMT landscape. Consequently, I explored the best practices and countermeasures that aim at mitigating the identified risks and vulnerabilities. These included robust authentication mechanisms, encryption protocols, layered security architecture, etc. By synthesizing theoretical insights with practical strategies, my research contributes a comprehensive framework for enhancing the security posture of IoMT systems, fostering a safer and more resilient ecosystem for connected medical devices and healthcare networks.

IoMT, Healthcare system security, medical devices