Psychological Effects Left by the Terrorist Group (ISIS) on the Religious Minorities in Nineveh Plain and Sinjar

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The research focuses exclusively on Nineveh province for two important reasons: the first is that Nineveh is the only Iraqi province that comprises all religious and ethnic components in its cities, villages and towns. It is literally a miniature Iraq. The second reason is that the researcher belongs to one of the religious minorities in the Nineveh Plain and witnessed the occupation and displacement and the period of time afterwards.

The applied research method adopted for this study a framework, through which we presented the results obtained from the interviews conducted with samples chosen from the two components in the displacement camps that still exist so far in Iraq or in the homes for Christians, many of whom returned to their areas of residence in the Nineveh Plain.

The results from this study showed that the Yezidis suffered more than the Christians from this matter due to the reasons we mentioned earlier in our research and the death of many family members and close friends often in their presence. They also suffered more from poverty, isolation, apnoea, isolation, and marginalization. Yezidis were beaten and physically abused. Thousands died and were buried in mass graves. For women, there was more insult and trauma resulting from rape and sexual assault.

Psychological Effect, ISIS, Minorities, Christian and Yezidis, War, Genocide, Displacement