LabView-based Modeling and Evaluation of Solar Photovoltaic Cells Energetic Efficiency

Szász, Csaba
Páli Kis, Dávid
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As it is well known, an accurate knowledge of solar photovoltaic (PV) cell parameters from experimental data is of major importance for estimate their performances and to implement high energetic efficiency PV plants. In the last decade several solar cell models, respectively a high amount of software toolkits have been developed to evaluate their electrical behavior and performances. This paper is focused to introduce a LabView graphical programming language based solution to conveniently modeling, simulate, and evaluate solar PV cells energetic efficiency. By using their well known electrical equivalent circuits a fast and accurate PV simulator has been designed and implemented for research and energetic efficiency studies. The simulation models used has been validated through comparison of the obtained characteristics with the ones given by the manufacturers of PV panels. The computer-aided simulation results carried out are in a good agreement with the manufacturer’s catalogue data and the LabView-based program can serve as a very useful toolkit for engineers or researchers who require an accurate PV simulator and evaluate the performances of any photovoltaic module.
photovoltaic cell, energetic efficiency, LabView simulation, virtual instrument, solar energy