Designing a 3D printer

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This thesis investigates the theoretical development of a 3D printer with exceptional accuracy, with a specific emphasis on virtual modelling, simulation, and optimisation methods. The suggested printer is designed to overcome the inherent difficulties of traditional 3D printing, with the goal of achieving unsurpassed precision in the creation of complex three-dimensional objects.The research commences by conducting a thorough examination of current 3D printing technologies, with the aim of identifying their constraints and potential areas for enhancement. Using sophisticated modelling tools, the thesis introduces an innovative conceptual design to improve accuracy and address typical printing problems.In addition, the conceptual design is situated within the wider scope of additive manufacturing, investigating potential uses in several sectors like medicine, aerospace, aviation, and mass customisation. The theoretical framework outlined in this thesis provides a roadmap for future academics and engineers aiming to transform these principles into physical technology.Ultimately, this research introduces an innovative and original blueprint for a 3D printer that achieves exceptional accuracy, thereby paving the way for progress in the field of additive manufacturing. The provided theoretical framework provides a clear plan for practical applications, hence creating new opportunities for precise engineering in three-dimensional printing.

3D printing, CAD Design, Additive manufacturing, Catia, FDM