Base Angular + C# + HTML + CSS + MySQL build on online shopping website

Chen, Jingwei
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With the development of the times, computers and networks have been increasingly widely used in all walks of life, the network has penetrated into various industries and fields, and Internet access has become an indispensable part of people's lives. The continuous improvement of online payment, coupled with the construction of supporting logistics industry, enables users to select goods without leaving home, saving time and money, and this online shopping method is becoming more and more popular among people. Using Microsoft's framework technology, based on the current popular three-tier architecture principle, we developed an online shopping system using ASP.NET Core platform, with Angular-cli front-end, and MySQL as the back-end database. Angular is a platform and framework for building client-side applications with HTML and TypeScript. The shopping system in this paper is based on the implementation of the Microsoft development platform, which makes the system stable and portable, and can run smoothly and safely on the Microsoft operating system.
Angular, C#, MySQL, Core