An interactive Hungarian language learning platform

De Lima Dias, Samuel Carlos
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Learning a new language can be a daunting and exhausting task. It is especially true for Hungarian language learners, who does not count with updated and dynamic study material on the internet. To remedy this, the use of computer programs was inserted in this context to serve as a companion. Through the time, with the advent of the internet and mobile phones, the necessity of such software increased and forced them to evolve into web applications. Web applications are systems that run over the internet. They are like traditional systems that receive input, process information and output. However, they are run and interpreted by a browser and it involve a totally different approach when compared to traditional applications. This work is intended to create a platform where those students can find useful, updated and relevant Hungarian language content, meet fellow students and probe their language skills through interactive educative activities. The idea behind this work emerged from the author’s personal experiences and observations, confirmed by other people through the application of a survey. Throughout this paper will be described the processes of planning and building modern and dynamic web applications.
Hungarian, Language learning, Web Application