Speed Sensorless Control of Six-Phase Asynchronous Motor Drive

Elbarbary, Z.M.S
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Multi -phase ac motor drives are nowadays considered for various applications, due to many advantages that they offer when compared to three-phase motors. Cancellation of mechanical position or speed sensors at the motor shaft have the attractions for adjustable speed drives of induction motor to reduce the cost and increase the reliability. To replace the sensor, information of the rotor speed is extracted from measured stator currents and voltages at motor terminals. This paper investigates speed estimation method using model reference adaptive system (MRAS) to improve the performance of a sensorless vector controller of six-phase induction motor (IM). In the proposed method, the stator current is used as the state variable to estimate the speed. Since the stator current error is represented as a function of the first degree for the error value in the speed estimation, the proposed method provides fast speed estimation and is also, more robust to variations in the stator resistance, compared with other MRAS methods. Consequently, this method can improve the performance of a sensorless vector controller in a low speed region and at zero-speed. The proposed method is verified by simulation using the Matlab/Simulink package. The performance of the proposed system is investigated at different operating conditions. The proposed controller is robust and suitable for high performance six-phase induction motor drives. Simulation results validate the proposed approaches.
Six-phase induction motor, speed sensorless control, field oriented control