Noise Control in Portable Gasoline/Electrical Generator

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Electric generator became a necessity for some developing countries which suffering from the permanent intermittency of electric power and for places that not reached by electrical source, so the noise which produced from the generator became a real problem has to be solved. It was studied different ways to control the noise that produced from the electrical generator by using several methods in addition it was studied the effect of some acoustical materials used to reduce noise. The source and path procedures was used to control the noise by fixing the generator with adding an exhaust and rubber, also an enclosure wooden box was made and combined with an acoustical materials like polystyrene and foam to reduce the noise, in addition to that the sound pressure level was measured in each step and compared with the theoretical calculations. The total sound pressure level and sound the power level was controlled and reduced from (Lptotal = 94.70 dB, Lw= 90.52) to (Lptotal = 79.89 dB, Lw=72.32 dB) respectively.