Fronted Web Development

Saadat, Reza
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My goal was to see if I could build a dynamic web application with the help of modern technologies. I wanted to create a design considering the end-users where I display my own works such as pictures, videos & my other personal information on the website. It’s a single page online application and basically used only for photography purposes. The application is all fronted which means it does not include any server-side scripting or backend. The focus was mostly on the user experience and how can an application run smoothly both for me and the user. This Thesis took a while to implement & write, the idea, design & finally development part was a huge learning process for me. The knowledge I had and learning new technologies and tools was something I am really proud of. At first, the design and format of the thesis was something that I really wanted to focus on since it’s the fundamental of any thesis. It is important to look for the most convenient tools/technologies throughout the whole process. This thesis also includes the description of the website, its tools, and web development latest designs, trends, authentications & authorizations development processes, etc. Writing web pages in accordance with the standards shorten site development time and makes pages easier to maintain. Debugging and troubleshooting become easier because the code follows as standard.
website design, web application trends, user authentication