An Empirical Investigation of the Factors Affecting Customers' Adoption of Electronic Banking in Nigeria

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Nigeria as one of the biggest economies in Africa, seems like the ideal place for e-banking to flourish. E-banking in the global context has also been on the rise, with more and more countries pushing for cashless societies and the private financial sector also making strides in improving the financial landscape through innovation and technology. This study took a look into some factors that played a role in peoples decisions when it comes to either using e-banking services or avoiding it. The study found that e-banking was viewed favourably at least by the respondents to the survey and was utilised frequently. However there were still challenges like cyber security and digital illiteracy that is holding back e-banking. With more education, awareness, and innovations in the e-banking space, there is definitely a future for e-banking in Nigeria.

Electronic Banking, Nigeria, E-banking