Deep Learning in Autonomous Driving

dc.contributor.advisorAdamkó, Attila
dc.contributor.authorEltaweel, Abdulrahman Mohamed Ramadan Ibrahim
dc.contributor.departmentDE--Informatikai Karhu_HU
dc.description.abstractWhere deep learning in autonomous driving was and is still evolving in the future, and how its applications affect our lives.  Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will define the mobility of the future in both personal and corporate applications. AI is the most potent technological force of our time. In this thesis, I have addressed several areas of deep learning, especially autonomous driving utilizing convolutional neural networks (CNNs). Using CNN in the simulator to create self-driving automobiles that do not require human intervention. demonstrating the significance and enormous influence that autonomy might have. From reducing accidents to saving money, increasing productivity, and other environmental advantages.hu_HU
dc.description.courseBusiness Informaticshu_HU
dc.subjectAutonomous drivinghu_HU
dc.subjectArtificial intelligencehu_HU
dc.subjectconvolutional neural networkshu_HU
dc.subjectEnd to End Learning for Self-Driving Carshu_HU
dc.subject.dspaceDEENK Témalista::Informatikahu_HU
dc.titleDeep Learning in Autonomous Drivinghu_HU