Web Design and Development of Dynamic Web Elements

Mouktar, Faisal Sani
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Websites are the most efficient way to present and disseminate information to the world's largest audience. Web browsers are the means of displaying web page content, the website's basic building blocks, and web programming is the basic structure (architecture) of each web page. This thesis on "Web Design, Development" is a complete website design and development analysis. Websites should be able to present abundant information to a visitor in a well-organized manner. Furthermore, secure information must be transmitted between server and client in a reliable manner. Certain major factors, such as user-friendliness, design, usability, browser-friendliness, and so on, are closely related to website performance. This thesis would focus on a variety of web design and development related issues. In the design of most websites, these principles are well used, illustrated and demonstrated.
user experience, interaction design