Analysis of the selection and review of suppliers in Burke Hungary

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The success of any manufacturing company heavily relies on the efficiency and dependability of its supply chain. This study focuses on the aspects of selecting and evaluating suppliers specifically looking at Bürkle Hungary, a company that faces challenges due to relying on a single supplier for an important component called the Cast Part. The main goal of this study is to provide an analysis of supplier management strategies emphasizing the significance of diversifying suppliers and conducting thorough pre-qualification assessments to improve the resilience and performance of the supply chain.

"One key element for a supply chain is strategic supplier management."

This research dives into the complexities involved in identifying suppliers assessing the risks associated with relying on a source for supplies and explores best practices for broadening one’s supplier base. It also evaluates how advanced technologies such as AI, blockchain and IoT can modernize supply chain operations. The thesis investigates the challenges faced by Bürkle Hungary in maintaining a consistent supply of the Cast Part and assesses how well the company performed before and after implementing recommended supplier management strategies. The study addresses challenges encountered by Bürkle Hungary during their transition, to a diversified supplier base. These include helping employees adapt to procurement processes providing comprehensive training programs and integrating technological solutions into their supply chain operations. The study suggests that by diversifying suppliers utilizing technology effectively and conducting thorough supplier assessments a company can enhance its supply chain performance. However, achieving these improvements requires dedication and a long-term commitment to ensure the sustainability of these changes. Although there may be obstacles, this strategic shift in supplier management holds the potential to enhance operational efficiency and promote greater stability, within Bürkle Hungary supply chain.

Single-Source Supply Strategy, Supply, supply managment