Student routine management system

Aboutaleb, Ahmed Wael Mohamed Abdelsalam
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The Student Routine Management System is an innovative web-based application designed to support students studying abroad in managing critical aspects of their daily lives, such as food and financial planning. Developed using technologies like Node.js, MongoDB, Passport.js, CSS, HTML, and Express.js, the system provides a user-friendly platform tailored to the unique needs of students seeking to balance academic, social, and personal responsibilities. The food component of the system offers a convenient space for saving favorite recipes, enabling students to access and create diverse meals while adjusting to new food cultures. The financial management module serves as a powerful calculator that helps students effortlessly track income, expenses, and spending habits, promoting informed financial decisions. The Student Routine Management System is an essential companion for students embarking on their study-abroad journey. By providing a streamlined solution for managing daily tasks and challenges, the application empowers students to confidently embrace their newfound independence. Future updates will include daily notes, a routine organizing timetable, enhanced security features, and deployment on a Kubernetes cluster for improved scalability and reliability. As the system evolves, students can anticipate additional features designed to support their daily routines. The integration of daily notes and a routine organizing timetable will allow students to track thoughts, ideas, and schedules in a single, convenient location. Enhanced security measures, such as OAuth and JWT token authentication, will protect users' personal data, while deployment on a Kubernetes cluster ensures scalability and continuous availability. Overall, the Student Routine Management System equips students with the necessary tools to manage their lives effectively while studying abroad, enabling them to focus on creating unforgettable memories and maximizing their life-changing experiences.
Node JS, Express JS, MongoDB, Passport JS, CSS, HTML, Web Development