Web Application Development

Shah, Pankaj Kumar
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This is a complete web application project with nearly all the features of a functional work application. All of the features and actions of the user, who may be a job poster or candidate, are included in the web application. The creation of separate folders for various tasks has simplified web development. I'm using the MERN stack to build this web application (MongoDB, Express, React, Node). The default page features our collapsible navigation bar, which will be used on all subsequent pages in this project. With the help of the filters on the page header and body area, we may go through the jobs that have been put on the portal. At the bottom of the page are the most recent positions that have been advertised, and we have also added eight new opportunities to the database. On the home page, we provide a description of the jobs that includes some essential job-related information. For this project, I'll be using the antd framework for react components. The Home, Profile, Applied jobs, Post job, Posted, and logout options are located in the Navbar.
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