Comparative comparative analyses of homelessness in europe of homelessness in europe

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This study conducted a comparative analysis of homelessness in Europe. The study was done through secondary analysis method and the following countries such as Finland, Hungary, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Sweden, Poland, Portugal and the UK were used for the comparative analysis. Across these countries, the meaning, nature, extent, prevalence and demographic spread of homelessness and housing exclusions were examined. More so, the causes and profile of homelessness and housing exclusion across the European Union was also examined. Moreover, the homeless services such as residential and nonresidential, housing focused and non-housing focused, temporary and emergency accommodation among other things. More importantly, the strategies such as integrated strategies, housing first, supported housing, social housing and local connection subsidies were identified the necessary and important strategic measures that are targeted towards reducing and in the long run, eliminating the problem of homelessness and housing exclusion in Europe. Moreover, the conclusion of this work established some reasonably recommendable suggestions and conclusions that provides a framework whick seeks to offer sustainable and viable solutions to the problem of homelessness and housing issues when applied.