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This thesis presents the development and implementation of a content-sharing web application that allows users to discover and share engaging content across various categories. The platform was built using modern web technologies, including React.js for the front end, Node.js and Express.js for the backend, MySQL as the database management system, and SCSS for styling. The application offers a user-friendly interface and a responsive design to ensure seamless access across different devices. The system architecture is modular and scalable, which enables smooth integration of frontend, backend, and database components, contributing to maintainability and expandability. Key features of the application include secure user authentication and authorization using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) and Bcrypt.js, efficient communication between frontend and backend through Axios for API requests, and a post-filtering system allowing users to browse content by categories, and a like feature that enables users to express their appreciation for specific posts. Throughout the development process, a thorough analysis of project requirements was conducted, and caa reful selection of technologies and tools was made to ensure the successful implementation of the content-sharing platform. The resulting web application offers a secure, user-friendly, and engaging experience for users while demonstrating the effective use of modern web development technologies and practices.

Content-sharing platform, Web application, React.js, c.js, Express.js, MySQL, SCSS, Responsive web design, User authentication, Authorization, JSON Web Tokens (JWT), Bcrypt.js, API communication, Axios, Post filtering Category-ba, sed navigation, Like feature, System, Modular design, Scalability, Maintainability