Post-Quantum Cryptography

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In this thesis work, I will be presenting the idea of quantum computing and technology, and the future of cryptography and how it will be affected by powerful quantum computers, and the impact of post-quantum cryptography on hardware and software scale. Moreover, what we have reached in this technology and problems we currently facing and their algorithmic solutions. In the first step, I focused on gaining some theoretical knowledge about quantum computers, as it is a new topic for me, the more I dive into this field, the more interesting it became. Following the first step, I went through cryptography and its algorithms, and what scientists and engineers have reached to have some security against the supercomputers, from the very beginning and the first cryptography algorithms to the post-quantum or AES 256. Here I started to reach the point to work on the third aspect, which is to code and apply quantum resistance cryptography. I will gain my practical knowledge, considering some experience and knowledge from my studies in the past couple of years in the university. The ultimate aim of this project was to demonstrate the impact of quantum technology on cryptography, to develop a safe cryptosystem, this project was achieved by properly understanding the principles like cryptography, cryptosystems, quantum mechanics, qubits, AES, encryption, and decryption, hardware evaluation, etc.

Cryptography, Quantum, Encryption, Decryption, Hardware optimization, Algorithms