Debrecen student location network

dc.contributor.advisorBodroginé Zichar, Marianna
dc.contributor.authorSylhasi, Ajri
dc.contributor.departmentDE--Informatikai Karhu_HU
dc.description.abstractThesis explaining the Debrecen student location network application representing a social network of students connecting together by registering places around Debrecen. Places can have user registered events which other users can participate in. The purpose behind this thesis is solving a very common issue that students who are new to Debrecen have: They dont know other students and they have difficulties finding places to spend their free time in. This issue can lead to a bad student life, which does harm to the students as well as the University. By providing a solution to this issue, the social network can be of great use to improve the student lifestyle in the international University of Debrecen.hu_HU
dc.description.courseComputer Sciencehu_HU
dc.subjectRuby on Railshu_HU
dc.subjectGoogle Maps Javascript APIhu_HU
dc.subjectSocial Networkhu_HU
dc.subjectStudent Locationshu_HU
dc.subjectStudent Eventshu_HU
dc.subjectSingle Page Applicationhu_HU
dc.subject.dspaceDEENK Témalista::Informatikahu_HU
dc.titleDebrecen student location networkhu_HU
dc.title.translatedDebrecen hallgatói lokációs hálózathu_HU