Data Network Management with SNMP / RMON Techniques​

dc.contributor.advisorGál, Zoltán
dc.contributor.authorAlmorrohen, Fatimah Alawi
dc.contributor.departmentDE--Informatikai Karhu_HU
dc.description.abstractA network protocol called simple network management protocol (Snmp), that help the network administrators knowing as network management stations (NMS) to manage and track events such as interfaces statuses and query needed data from all the network devices with snmp agent activated. This protocol have three versions V1,V2c and V3. Snmp uses many tools in order to accomplish its mission some of which are snmpget and snmpset to poll and set, respectively. A featured explanation of popular management softwares e.g MRTG, PRTG and zabbix. Remote monitoring standard as a professional extension to the functions of snmp that actively monitor the desired devices with a probe piece. Rmon store the huge amount of data in its repository MIBs for further query by snmp tools. task groups of Rmon that do its job are listed and explained. Rmon 2 come to extend these task groups by 10 more. A description of their uses has been abstracted by development. An analysis of collected data to test the measurement tools of snmp have been done summarized in tables and graphs. Those chosen objects were about tracking the traffic of incoming and outgoing packets, segments, and datagrams. Also Errors have a contribution in using these tools. Pointing to what indications each measurement could lead to.hu_HU
dc.description.courseComputer Science Engineeringhu_HU
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dc.titleData Network Management with SNMP / RMON Techniques​hu_HU