European Union policies relevant for Moldova and its potential to become a member state

dc.contributor.advisorTrón, Zsuzsanna
dc.contributor.authorOrz, Nichita
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dc.description.abstractThe main goal of this paper is to analyse Moldova through some of the most important EU policies, as well as estimate the country’s preparedness, and name the main obstacles for membership. This goal is achieved through the analysis of Moldova’s economy, laws and politics, in contrast with the accession criteria of the EU Enlargement Policy. The results of this paper show that, whilst Moldova is on a sure path towards EU candidacy, it still has a long way to go towards strong, independent institutions, and a prosperous economy. The identified shortcomings are already being targeted by the ruling party, tackling corruption and strengthening the rule of law being their main priority. The future of Moldova can still be influenced by external forces, but its current goal of EU membership is clear.hu_HU
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dc.titleEuropean Union policies relevant for Moldova and its potential to become a member statehu_HU
dc.title.translatedMoldova és az Európai Unió kapcsolata: releváns EU-politikák és a taggá válás lehetőségehu_HU