Life Expectancy in Nigeria

Chigbo, Caroline Nwamaka
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This research entitled Life Expectancy in Nigeria, will take a holistic view of life expectancy: what it means, its consequences and possible causes. It will also look at the Nigerian situation, the possible causes of life the present low-level life expectancy in the country and how to improve on it so as to reverse the current trend. It will dissect the South African situation, their current situation, the possible cause and how to improve on the trend. It will look at the adverse effects of low life expectancy in Nigeria and, by extension, South Africa, and with the backings of theoretical framework, attempt to proffer a solution to their dire situations in their individual countries. Its research methodology will use empirical data obtained from relevant nongovernmental organizations in the United Nations system to attempt to, first of all, ascertain the root causes of the low level of life expectancy in the Nigeria, and from that proffer a lasting solution that can help improve on the situation permanently. The research‟s major aim is to glean sustainable means of revamping a dead system, so as to revitalize the health system, the social system, the traffic system and various other aspects of the Nigerian society in order to create a new platform that can absorb a new system that can help promote a higher level of life expectancy in the country.
life expectancy