Postharvest diseases and mechanism of antagonistic action of yeasts

Sivilay, Thipphalath
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The utilization of chemical pesticides generally leads to substantial concerning drawbacks including chemical residues in vegetation, pesticide resistance, environmental contamination, toxicity towards other non-target living organisms and plants, as well as the causation of human infections. With this in mind, another alternative resulting in better ecological friendly provision such as the usage of antagonistic yeasts as biopesticides has brought a lot of attention to the global audience for the past decades. Thus, the main part of this study is based on an analysis of qualitative data collected from previous articles by other researchers. The findings show that yeasts play a crucial role as effective and efficient biocontrol agents (BCAs). For that reason, understanding the mechanisms of different antagonistic yeasts at a depth level allows the suitable application of BCAs to specific postharvest plant pathogens and diseases.
antagonistic yeasts, pesticide, biocontrol agents, postharvest