Labview software-based building supervising and events monitor system for net zero-energy strategies implementation

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As it is well known, due to the continuously decreasing trend of the alternative energy technologies and the costs of the traditional fossil fuels increase, the development of resident or commercial buildings with greatly reduced energy needs becomes a high ranked and more pressing scientific challenge. In topic with this technological and scientific provocation, the paper presents a LabView software-based building supervising and events monitor system designed and developed with the basic purpose to serve as support for net zero-energy control strategies implementation in intelligent buildings. There after a briefly presentation of the adopted intelligent building development strategy, the net zero-energy concept is presented and discussed. Once these theoretical aspects have been expressed and clarified, a multi-layer type implementation is unfolded, where the background layer it is a building supervising and events monitor system. The main software development steps of this system are detailed presented to prove the feasibility and reliability of the adopted implementation strategy.
intelligent building, supervising system, net zero-energy, HVAC system, event monitoring