Mechatronic Systems for Caregivers Support on the Context of Bedridden People Care

Bezerra, Karolina
Machado, José
Silva, Bruno
Gonzalez, Lídia
Carvalho, Vítor
Soares, Filomena
Matos, Demétrio
Pereira, Filipe
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With the increasing number of aged people, especially in developed countries, Wellbeing solutions have became an important subject to be explored and developed. Currently, as specialized Institutions in geriatric care cannot cope with the increasing requests for support of quality of life, patients have to remain at their homes having as caregiver the other member of the couple or a member of close family. A solution for supporting the caregiver, during assisting the bedridden person with some basic tasks as eating, taking a bath and/or hygiene care is of utmost importance. This paper presents an overview for supporting the caregiver on providing the basic needs for bedridden persons. From safety needs to repositioning and hygiene care of bedridden persons are taken into account, by developing specific mechatronic devices for supporting and helping caregivers on those tasks. The proposed mechatronic systems must, ideally, reduce the number of caregivers and the amount of spent and needed effort.
Health care for older people, Assisted Technology, Health care at home, Mechanical design and Mechatronics systems