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    Management or Conservative treatment of facial paresis after parotid surgery
    Mirza, Sapna; Varga, Eszter; Debreceni Egyetem::Általános Orvostudományi Kar::Neurológiai Klinika; DE--Népegészségügyi Kar; Lukács, Balázs ; Debreceni Egyetem::Népegészségügyi Kar::Népegészségügyi Iskola
    Facial paresis refers to transient or permanent injury of the facial nerve(7th cranial nerve) causing unilateral paralysis of facial muscle due to parotid surgery as a consequence of the Warthin tumor. The treatment protocol for facial paresis is electrotherapy, lymph drainage massage, and scar massage. A participant is a middle-aged man who had a steadily increasing pressure-sensitive swelling in his right parotid. The research lasted for 5 months in a Neurology clinic. Before starting the intervention, the patient was assessed with active neck motions, cervical flexor, extensor muscle strength, and SCOM on both sides as well as the distance between the eyelids was measured and the number of teeth showing when snarling. The Sunnybrook score represents face muscle function. The patient was evaluated before and after the therapy. Our measured data revealed continual progress based on the findings of our visuals, owing to the application of lymph drainage massage and scar massage. The research showed that scar massage is effective in reducing post-surgery scarring, pain, and itching sensation. The scar's tightness and thickness can also be decreased with this therapy. According to the data and results, it is possible to conclude that all of the parameters tested have shown a continuous positive trend.