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  • Alkasih, Hamza
    The management of the orthopedic patient during the perioperative period is a task requiring skillful and meticulous attention.The most common orthopedic surgeries include laminectomies, total knee and total hip replacement. ...
  • Magnúsdóttir, Ólöf Sigríður
    Obesity is a common disorder affecting about 35% of people in the world, with rates doubling in the last decades. The disease is characterized by excessive adipose tissue deposition over the body and it´s associated ...
  • Thorsdóttir, Helga Marie
    Levetiracetam and Brivaracetam are novel antiepileptic drugs. They are Synaptic vesicle 2A protein ligands thus having a unique mechanism of action compare to the older antiepileptic drugs. This thesis conducts an overview ...
  • Warsame, Mahad
    This thesis focuses on the different models behind the formation of Major depressive disorder from a neurobiological viewpoint. The thesis is in a summary format briefly explaining the progression from previous to current ...
  • Csapó, János; Albert, Csilla; Csapóné Kiss, Zsuzsanna (DUPress Debrecen , 2016-07-20)

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