Faith and Religion in the 21the century

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In my thesis I plan to write about Christianity as the essential part of our everyday lives because we tend to forget its significance, although it is an integral part of European and North American culture. We can see several works of art about some Biblical and Christian themes and events. We can watch films based on Christian stories or motifs even though we might not realize that they are about Christianity. Matrix can be a very good example for this, which is full of scenes and names that are bound up with some Biblical stories and people (e.g. choosing from the red and blue capsules can relate to the tree of the good and bad knowledge, or the name Neo can be interpreted as Noe or the ONE. The traitor Cypher’s name harmonizes with the Fallen Angel’s name, Lucifer/Lucipher). We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we pay tribute to His crucifixion and resurrection, and Pentecost is also a holiday. People celebrate these days but they often do not know what they are about, they do not know the close connection between thholidays and Jesus Christ or Christianity itself. Nowadays Christmas and Eastern are about something totally different than they were originally. Mainly because of globalization people’s views of the Christian holidays and Christianity itself have changed. In this thesis I would like to examine how Christianity affects the opinions of people belonging to different Christian churches. I would like to see whether they think the same and live through their faith or not.

religion, Christianity, sects, faith