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    Representation of Genderqueer Identities in Fictional and Nonfiction Narratives
    Tóth, Karolina; Papp, Fruzsina; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    This paper examines the representation of genderqueer identities in The Honeys by Ryan La Sala and Gender Queer: A Memoir by Maia Kobabe. These works focus on genderqueer people’s struggles in everyday life. The novels focus on family related problems, self-acceptance, pronoun change and the use of gender inclusive language in fictional and autobiographical narratives. Since one’s sexual or gender identity is often not discussed at home or at school, the first- time young people encounter LGBTQ identities are in popular culture. These identities are represented in novels, comics, TV series or films. It is necessary that these young people see good representation of identities and have the opportunity to find the language that is inclusive to their gender identity.
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    The Representation of Obsession Through Joe Goldberg’s Character in YOU, Season 1 (2018)
    Teleki, Emese; Hudácskó, Brigitta; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    In the first season of the Netflix series YOU (2018), the theme of obsession takes center stage, offering a deep dive into the complexities of interpersonal relationships and the darker layers of romantic pursuit. My thesis attempts to unfold the multifaceted portrayal of obsession through the character of Joe Goldberg, exploring the psychological factors that drive his obsessive behavior in both romantic and non-romantic contexts. Drawing on Joe’s troubled childhood marked by neglect, abandonment, abuse, rigid discipline, and control, I explore how these formative experiences serve as a backdrop to his obsessive tendencies. The series vividly portrays Joe’s relentless quest for love, driven by distorted perceptions of affection and control, which manifests in possessive behaviors, stalking, manipulation, and the idealization of his romantic interest, Guinevere Beck. In a non-romantic context, the series also highlights Joe’s obsessive instincts toward protecting Paco, his neighbor’s son, as well as his attempt to project the illusion of an upstanding member of society that masks his underlying persona. The male gaze and the protector tropes are also examined, framing Joe’s obsessive behavior as justified while manipulating audience perceptions.
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    The Figure of the Mad Woman in Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre
    Szilágyi, Kamilla; Kiss, György; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë (1847) is one of the most influential books in the Victorian period, especially in women’s history, with its groundbreaking female protagonist who is not the usual passive female character but takes her future into her own hands. Considering that Charlotte Brontë wrote about strong female characters it is not surprising that she touches upon the Victorian madwoman issue. By looking at the historical background of insanity within women in the nineteenth century, and examining Bertha Mason’s madness and personality, I investigate Jane’s behaviour in comparison to Bertha's in my thesis, with special attention on racial and social similarities and differences. In the first chapter, I introduce the historical background of women and mental disorders in the nineteenth century to understand how Victorians treated mad women. Secondly, I present Bertha Mason, the main "mad woman" in Jane Eyre, who is locked in the attic from the moment she is deemed mad. Thirdly, I describe Jane Eyre, the protagonist of the novel, explore her mental state in relation to Bertha’s and argue that she could have received the same harsh treatment if it was not for her race and Rochester’s love for her. Lastly, I compare Bertha and Jane, arguing that Bertha is Jane’s dark double and examining how Bertha executes Jane’s secret desires.
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    The United States and the Pacific Theater in the Second World War
    Szabó, József; Venkovits, Balázs; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    As a result, the purpose of this thesis is to discuss how crucial the participation of the United States in the Second World War was, and its main goal is to elaborate on how its entry changed the outcome of the entire war. Starting from the Battle of Pearl Harbor (after which the U.S. joined the war) and ending the thesis with the discussion of dropping the atomic bombs and the signing of the peace treaties (which ended the First World War). Its narrative will be unfolded through three chapters, giving the reader a relatively detailed picture about the events. The first chapter is an introductory part, which provides insights into the Interbellum Era (or Interwar Period) and the circumstances of the beginning of the Second World War. The second chapter is based around the overview of why and how the United States joined the war (as a result of Pearl Harbor) and the most important battles at the Pacific Theater are introduced, explained with a focus on why they are important regarding the outcome of the war. And this will start the third and closing chapter, which delves into the deployment of atomic bombs, the ending of the Second World War (including the Peace Treaties). Together, these chapters provide a narrative that reflects on how the United States’ entry into the war itself changed the outcome of the war.
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    The History of African American Women During Slavery Times America
    Marosán, Cynthia Patricia; Krisztán, Daniella; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    This thesis aims to analyze the experiences and legacy of African American women. During slavery, they had to face multiple challenges due to their double burden. The conditions of servitude not only affected Black women physically but also mentally to a great extent. Hence, their trauma has been passed down on future generations in the form of inter-/transgenerational trauma, resulting in various mental health issues like depression, which many Black people suffer from today. In addition to this, African American women's contributions to causes like abolitionism and the development of education have been acknowledged, as well as that their cause in general is of great contemporary relevance and importance. To put an end to the systemic discrimination against not only Black women but also African American people in general, a change in perspectives and broad support is required.
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    When the Foreign Finds Familiarity: The English and Hungarian Translations of Culture-Specific Items in Han Kang’s Human Acts
    Molnár, Dorka; Hudácskó, Brigitta; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    In my thesis, I aim to explore the possible translation techniques of culture-specific items through examining the Hungarian and English translations of the South Korean author, Han Kang’s novel, Human Acts. This study aims to show an insight into the historical background of translation as well as its relationship with cultures. I examine the foreignizing and domesticating methods widely used in translating culturally significant texts. Through the extended reading of the book’s chapters, I identify the specific methods used in translating culture-specific items and compare the two translations in light of their translators’ solutions.
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    Being a Detective is a Manly Job
    Tóth , Borbála; Hudácskó, Brigitta; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    The literature of the 19th-20th century featured strong female characters who served as role models for oppressed women in patriarchal societies. Female detectives, often seen as unconventional, emerged as a response to the feminist movement. This thesis explores the first wave of feminism and its impact on literature, examining how it influenced attitudes towards duties and roles. It also highlights the struggle for women to find their place among men and their role in law enforcement. The series Miss Scarlet and the Duke illustrates the ideal woman image in the 19th-20th century and draw attention to her aim and methods. The thesis aims to prove that women are equally useful in law enforcement due to their unique characteristics.
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    The Values and Messages of Queen through Their Own Work and Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)
    Miklosi, Beatrix Mária; Krisztán , Daniella; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    This thesis analyzes the messages conveyed by Queen, specifically reflecting on the social criticism expressed in the songs “I Want To Break Free” and “Innuendo”. The paper also focuses on aspects of Freddie Mercury’s personality that have proved to be alluring to the public. His solo career, and some defining elements of his life are also covered, such as his sexual orientation, his break from the band and the AIDS disease. Finally, the paper examines the musical biography Bohemian Rhapsody (2018), which mainly focuses on the life and identity of Freddie Mercury, and also stresses certain norms and standards as core values in society.
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    Women in the Lord of the Rings Universe
    Takács, Hanga Tícia; Hudácskó, Brigitta Ilona; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    My thesis is about the woman characters in the Lord of the Rings books and movies. I introduce and analyze the female figures who appear in the story, what are their roles and the notion what they stand for. I also examine how the movie portrays the characters and why there are few of them. Analyzing the three main woman characters' narrative, actions, reasons behind their actions and depiction is also part of my essay. Each one of them has a story arc, which I also present.
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    Representation of Culture in English Textbooks Used in Kazakhstani Schools
    Berdnichenko, Valeriya; Balogh, Erzsébet; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    The purpose of this paper is to critically assess cultural representations in three English Language Teaching textbooks used in Kazakhstan's secondary school curriculum. Using Yuen's model of cultural representation as a theoretical framework, the study will undertake a complete content analysis to evaluate the presence and type of cultural portrayals in these textbooks. This thesis delves into the comparative content analysis of three ELT utilized in the Kazakhstani secondary school curriculum. The study aims to explore the prevalence of representations of cultures within these textbooks and to ascertain which cultural dimensions are more frequently portrayed in each. Specifically, the research seeks to address the following questions: What is the frequency of cultural representations in the three English language coursebooks? According to Yuen’s model, which category of cultural dimension predominates in each textbook? Do the selected textbooks provide a balanced representation of cultures, considering whose cultures are depicted?
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    The Marginalization of Women in Hollywood: Exploring Fame, Race, and Gender in Taylor Jenkins Reid’s The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
    Apáti, Jázmin; Papp, Fruzsina; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    This thesis seeks to explore Taylor Jenkins Reid’s novel, “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo”, more precisely the character of Evelyn Hugo, by exploring her journey from underprivileged background to stardom and the difficulties that accompanied her experiences in the film industry. By placing Hugo’s life story in the context of the new Hollywood era, marked by changing power dynamics and cultural transformations, the analysis highlights the pervasive influence of patriarchal norms and beauty standards on women in the public sphere. Central to this analysis is the exploration of feminist themes embedded in Hugo’s narrative arc, who is is presented as a symbol of female agency and resilience, challenging traditional gender roles and social expectations through her quest for agency. In addition, it examines the portrayal of Hugo as a flawed but resilient figure whose actions and decisions are shaped by the constraints of her environment and the relentless pursuit of her ambitions. Through a synthesis of literary analysis, feminist discussion and historical context, this thesis aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” and offers a reflection on the enduring relevance of feminist discourse in contemporary society. By exploring the intersection of fame, race and gender, the thesis also explores the ongoing struggle for gender equality and reflects on the importance of diverse representation in Hollywood.
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    Attaching Social Validation to Academic Achievement in Classroom Environments.
    Kuknyó, Boldizsár; Szabó, Fruzsina; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    The thesis aims to analyze and describe the ongoing social processes in a classroom, focusing on the importance of peer relationships and social dynamics' impact on student motivation and academic achievement. Furthermore, it analyzes the data gathered by a short interview after an experimental excercise in which social validation got attached to academic achievment. The study aims to discuss the consequences on students' motivation, peer relationships and the social hierarchy of the class.
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    Where’s My Playboy Bunny Outfit?
    Uszkai, Patrik; Orosz Réti , Zsófia; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    Games – online, offline, paid, and free in worlds of fantasy lands and cities filled with human bodies have been analysed to examine and gather the most prominent trends in bodily representation. For this purpose, the very core of the body had to be defined, how we see them, and how are they represented in a medium that gains inspiration from films yet also draws on a very different toolkit. While movies proved to be a good starting point, video game bodies differ on many levels from human bodies that appear on screen. In addition, not only bodies complicate the matter, but the medium as well: the core element that we are in control of one body inside game world, different camera views appear as we play and encounter cutscenes, and the added element that these bodies are not just there for solely aesthetic or story purposes, but for gameplay further complicate how we view them. That being said, the dominant trend that can be identified within single-player games is one of rigid, hypersexual bodies, carefully constructed within an idealised realism, infused further with other gendered roles. In case of online games, the same hypersexual tendencies can be observed, taken even further, and removing even that thin layer of humanness to maximise profit and player satisfaction in visual pleasure provided by bodies and commodity fetishism.
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    About the Question Particle -e in Hungarian
    Sándor, Lilla Kamilla; Tóth, Enikő; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    Hungarian, similar for example to Finnish and Turkish, uses a question particle to mark polar questions. In educated language use, the question particle -e is placed at the end of the finite verb. The purpose of the research presented in the thesis is to empirically test some of the hypotheses formulated in the literature regarding particle usage, which differs from the linguistic norm. The aim was to investigate the grammatical variables that influence whether native speakers place the question particle -e in the main clause on the main verb (V-e volna) or on the auxiliary verb 'volna' (V volna-e). The two surveys aimed to collect empirical data regarding further nonstandard structures in which -e is attached to a negative particle 'nem' (not), a prefix 'el' (away), an adverb 'ott' (there), or two words simultaneously 'nem lehetne' (not possible). Additionally, examining the relationship between the age and the acceptability of structures different from the standard use of the particle was also a major research aim.
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    The changing role and representation of Stevenson's Mr Hyde in Dr Jekylls of popular culture
    Kecskés , Eszter; Bényei, Tamás; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    In this thesis, I examine the impact of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, on contemporary popular cultural media, specifically through the Japanese popular genre of anime. Whether the main characters having an immoral doppelgänger they can transform into, makes them a morally grey superhero, instead of a cursed criminal like Mr Hyde was. I will reveal the relations between Stevenson’s main character, Dr Jekyll, and the protagonist in two animes: Yuji Itadori in Jujutsu Kaizen and Denji in Chainsaw Man, and whether the public perception of their villainous alter egos changed since the Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
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    Breaking The Cycle: Traumas and Compulsive Emotional Patterns in Colleen Hoover's It Ends With Us Duology
    Karsai, Bianka; Bényei, Tamás; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    This thesis examines the traumas and compulsive emotional patterns present in Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us duology. The analysis will concentrate on emotional patterns and dispositions that are the result of traumatic experiences (in one case, inherited traumatic experiences), looking at the recurring patterns as well as the ways each character relates to these patterns and whether or not they are able to break the cycles or continue to pass on their own unprocessed emotional legacies. In the case of the protagonist, Lily, the question is whether she is able to break a pattern that seems to be repeating itself. In the case of Atlas and Ryle, the two other main characters, the traumas are not inherited, but the question is the same: whether they are able to shape their lives in a way that is not determined or crippled by their trauma. The duology does not provide an unequivocal answer – instead, it explores a variety of possible reactions and life models, creating a structure of parallels and contrasts.
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    The Changing Female Roles in Britain in the Early 20th Century in Downton Abbey
    Szilágyi, Míra; Szirák, Anna Mária; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    The early 20th century had many historically significant events that formed Britain politically, economically and in a social context as well. These historical events contributed to the women's case, by providing them an opportunity to change their position in society. Downton Abbey, diercted by Julian Fellowes. depicts all the relevant historical events of the time in which the seasons take place. The series represents the changing tendency in the position of women in British society between 1912 and 1925. In this thesis, I analyzed the change in women characters' positions from the Victorian era to the 1920s, raising attention to class differences, social norms and historical relevancy.
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    The Feminine Mystique: The Representation of White Middle-Class American Women of the 1950s in Movies
    Lovas, Emese; Mathey, Éva; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    After the Second World War, the United States adopted a strong domestic ideology that forced women to find perfect fulfillment in the role of wife and mother. In my thesis, I explored the effects of this ideology on white middle-class women’s lives in the 1950s by analyzing three movies. Based on the first movie I presented the social expectations women had to face, by analyzing the conformity that characterized the decade. By analyzing the second movie, I presented the suburban life of the 1950s and the condition many women experienced at that time, the so-called ’housewife syndrome.’ Finally, the third movie deals with women’s education in the mid-twentieth century.
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    Navigating Gender and Breaking Boundaries: Identity, Society, and the Role of Art in Tom Hooper's "The Danish Girl"
    Molnárová, Viktória; Kalmár, György; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    My thesis aims to explore the themes of identity, transgender people and artistic expression in Tom Hooper’s “The Danish Girl”, in the 1920s Copenhagen. Through the portrayal of Lili Elbe’s transformative journey from Einar Wegener to Lili, the film challanges societal expectations of gender identity and highlights the complexities of human emotions. As Lili navigates her transition, society’s reaction range from curiosity to hostility, reflecting the ignorance and intolerance towards transgender individuals. Gerda Wegener’s position is also a central theme in my analysis, as she shows unwavering support towards Lili, while also navigating her own identity as a wife of a transgender person, as well as battleing with her own struggles as a female artist in a male-dominant society. The film also highlights contrasting opinions and methods of the medical field for transgender people who seek professional help. Einar himself was also an artist, but lost inspiration when her transformation began, but Lili’s role as a model becomes an important aspect for Gerda’s artistic exploration. Ultimately, this paper relfects on the fluidity of identity, rigid societal norms and the transformative power of art.
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    Contemporary Fantasy Analysis: How Sarah J. Maas Introduces A New Literary Subgenre in Fantasy Literature
    Kövér, Beatrix; Lénárt-Muszka, Zsuzsanna; DE--Bölcsészettudományi Kar
    In this thesis, I will briefly analyze the general features of the novels written by Sarah J. Maas and study the newest literary subgenres and their influence on contemporary literature. I will argue that the contemporary ‘romantasy’ writer, Sarah J. Maas’s bestselling high fantasy book series, A Court of Thorns and Roses (2015-), contrary to the criticism it has drawn, contains a strong, independent heroine, and as such, the books can be considered feminist. Also, I will take a closer look at the relationship between the characters, how their agency and their experienced trauma influence their lives and how they manage to get through it during the novels.