Development of a hazard monitoring system for aquaculture: case of study - catfish farming

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This thesis aims to develop a hazard monitoring system based on identifying potential food hazard sources in the catfish farming process. In this case study, the artificial propagation of Heteroclarias catfish hybrids is considered the final product. Considering a fictive small-scale hatching unit, within this research, biological, chemical, and physical food safety hazards are identified, in addition to a monitoring plan HACCP based is developed to prevent, eliminate, or reduce the risk to an acceptable level at the identified critical steps in the catfish farming process. Considering the early stages of fish production, hatching, frying and raring the most vulnerable stages of the catfish production cycle, therefore, these early stages require a detailed hazard identification and a hazard monitoring program allowing to produce a safe final product for the consumer and less hazard exposure for the rest of the farming stages.

food safety, food safety hazards, hazard monitoring system, aquaculture, hazards identification