The Role of the Internet in Teaching and Learning English

dc.contributor.advisorHollósy, Béla
dc.contributor.authorBogáti, Ágnes
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dc.description.abstractIn the first part of my thesis I will write about the Internet itself focusing on how it can be defined, its development and the ways it can be used. Although we can line up innumerable reasons for its use in different areas, it is still not common to use it in teaching foreign languages, at least in our country. That is why I would like to focus on this topic in the second part of this essay: how it is possible to build this new kind of communicational instrument into our education, especially into the education of foreign languages in order to make the lessons more varied and enjoyable.hu_HU
dc.description.courseangol nyelv és irodalomhu_HU
dc.subjectcomputer assisted language learninghu_HU
dc.subjectonline dictionarieshu_HU
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dc.titleThe Role of the Internet in Teaching and Learning Englishhu_HU