Outlaws: Individual Myths in Films

Benczikné Kiss, Krisztina
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Every nation has its own heroes or mythic figures that are commemorated in individual or hero myths. Robin Hood is a mythical character in British history and literature, influencing other countries’ somehow outstanding figures. For example, Jesse James who is one of the most significant outlaws in the United States of America and has been compared to Robin Hood due to his deeds. However, there is an Australian mythical figure, too, whose life reflects some similarities to that of Hood’s. He is called Ned Kelly. They do not only appear in the folklore of a nation, but in popular culture, too. Not only ballads, poems and songs commemorate these significant historic figures’ acts, but also films. These films present their deeds with much or less historical truth. Films made at the beginning and end of the 20th century reflect the legendary figures in different ways. The essay compares these movies examining these representations and attempts to find out in what aspects these visualizations changed.
outlaws, films